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CommissionsPrice Varies
I am accepting commissions for illustrations and comics. E-mail me with the job
and I will propose a price accordingly. I reserve the right to refuse any job.

Deluge also featuring UninspiredColor cover and 24 pages on 14x8.5 B&W paper $5.00
Follow Seth Steelman through a day of his adolescence brimming
with introspection as he attempts to determine just how he
treats people and how he ought to strive to do so in love
in friendship and in family. Also features Uninspired, a
short story about a painter struggling with the obstacle
of perfection.

Echoes of Another14 Pages B&W on 14x8.5 paper $1.50
Heather Townsend mistakenly leaves the bus one day to end up
in an unfamiliar end of town. As soon as she realizes her mistake
she is ceremoniously swept away by a group who have mistaken
her for a friend that had disappeared long ago. With the language
barrier of being deaf and broken hearts on the line, will Heather
make the day a disaster or a blessing?

G'nerds2000 sampler: Things Go AwryColor cover and 26 B&W strips on 11x8.5 paper $5.00
Yo, you know when the power is out, and you're all "Man!
I gots to see a comic in which the Burger King gives
Nightmare from Soul Calibur some french fries!"
Well now you're covered.

Walking: Stupid Awesome IntrospectionColor Cover and inside and 16 B&W strips on 11x8.5 paper $3.00
The peaceful solitude experienced through walking can yield
some interesting meditations, like what beauty is, that Metal
is all about existentialism, or how an apartment full of dudes
treats the restroom as an opportunity to employ battlefield

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